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I Help People Start & Grow Their Dream Business Online.

Are you interested in learning how to launch wildly profitable affiliate marketing or internet business in 30 days that can generate you consistent income, step-by-step?

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Hi, I'm Augy...

My Name is Mike Agostino, but my friends call me Augy. I have been a digital marketer & entrepreneur for over a decade. I started this site because I am on a mission help people create their dream business so they can generate consistent income and start living their dream lifestyle on their terms.

The best part is anyone can do it with the proper mindset and training. It's possible. I started from nothing and was able to change my life through my online business and I want to help others do the same - in record time! So check out what I have to offer and subscribe to my newsletter for news and updates.

Looking to Build a Successful Business...

Master These 3 Pillars!

Once you master these 3 pillars, you will be able to write your own ticket in life.


Success Mindset

To be successful, you need to develop the mindset of champion. You need to learn to "re-program" your mind for automatic success - this is a must!



True Entrepreneurs know that your income is directly proportional to the value you deliver in the marketplace.

Learn how to deliver World-Class Value!



You need to have effective money management system place for any business to be successful.

Learn how to manage money!

Start Making Real

Money Today!

See How Everyday People Get Real Gold

& Silver and Make $500,

$1,000, and Even $3,500 per Week

Sound Interesting...I'll even help you build your team!


Easy Ways To Make Some Extra Money Each Month...

Here are two of the ways I make some extra income by doing things I already do.

These are ways to make money without having to sell or recruit anyone.


GEMINI Crypto Exchange

Want to start trading crypto? Gemini makes it simple to research the crypto market, buy bitcoin and other cryptos, and build a portfolio for the future of money. Plus, you earn up to 7.4% on your investments. And if you sign up through the link below, you will get $10 in Bitcoin FREE once you make your 1st investment.

This is obviously an investment and inherently involves risk.



Do you shop? Get cash back on all your purchases through Rakuten. Simply create an account and search Rakuten for the store you want to shop at and see how much cash back you can get on your purchase. It's FREE to create an account and as an added bonus if you sign up through the link below you will get $30 FREE on your first purchase. Plus they will pay you $30 for any friends you refer.

My Mission...

I went to help as many entrepreneurs as I can build their business & brand so that they can stop living paycheck to paycheck and start enjoying their lives and family without the stress caused by worrying about money.

My Core Values...


Before you can become successful, you need to realize only you are responsible for your success. Anyone that tells you they can make you money without any effort from you is an outright liar. I can give you a path and share my experiences with you, but you alone must take action to guarantee your success. By learning to take responsibility, you also eliminate your ability to use other people as an excuse. When you realize its on you to make yourself successful, you are more apt to succeed!


When you are trying to start an online business, there is a lot of opportunities out there. Many people jump from one to the next. You need to laser focus your attention on one thing. Don't worry about missing out on something. Become successful at one business before worrying about being successful at others. Lack of focus is why so many people fail. I can not stress how important this is. Building your business about the long term.


Starting your business can be challenging endeavor. You may not succeed immediately. You need the mental toughness to get through failures and learn from them. All successful entrepreneurs have failed at some point, the ones who kept pushing are the ones with thriving businesses now. Don't let small bumps in the road stop you from reaching the top of the mountain. Success does not happen overnight for everyone. Go at your pace and build for the future.


To be truly successful, you have to look deep inside yourself to ask "Why?" Why do you exist as a brand or company. Most people when asked this will just say to make money. And the people who say that are the ones struggling the most. Money should not be why you exist, it should be a byproduct of why. Money is only a means to make things easier. When people ask me why I exist, its to help others succeed and live better lives so I can make a better life for my family. I want the freedom to choose how I live my life and not let others dictate it for me. Money is why people work jobs they hate. Because its easy and more stable. But to truly enjoy life, you need to make life about more than money. When you find your true why, you will do anything to make sure your business is a success because you will realize in order to live the life you actually want...Failure is not an option!

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